What Keeps Bush Up At Night?


What does former US President George W. Bush think when he wakes up to images like the one above?

Does he even flinch at the continual, non-stop suicide-bomb epidemic that still plagues Iraq four years removed from his leaving office, and almost two since President Obama enacted the “withdrawal” of the troops he inserted?

A recent blog brought up a strong point when discussing the Nazi war tribunals in the post-WWII years, declaring any war of aggression the worst type of war crime because it is responsible for the “accumulated evil” a war imposes both during and after the war declared over.

If one considers the 2003 US invasion of Iraq as a war of aggression, as most have come to realize it to be in the ensuing years, as all reasons given for invading were quickly proven faulty or flat out false, then the aggressors certainly should be held responsible.

Over 100,000 innocent civilian lives lost because of Bush‘s cowboy crusade into the sovereign nation of Iraq, a million and more displaced, losing their homes. Never able to return.

The lasting impact of Bush‘s invasion is still being felt by Iraqis to this very moment, as bombs seem to constantly detonate in and around Baghdad, and where chaos never seems too far from erupting.

On average, 6.4 Iraqis die everyday from the ravages of the US “preemptive war”, and when one discovers that prior to the 2003 US occupation, Iraq did not experience a suicide bombing, it is a starkly grim and terrifyingly grave legacy Bush has left behind for the people of Iraq.

Will George Bush‘s conscience ever get the best of him? Traveling abroad is becoming less and less of an option as other countries have issued arrest warrants and complaints ranging from torture to war crimes.

If the scores of deceased and dismembered Iraqi civilian lives (not to mention the nearly 5,000 American service member deaths) weren’t enough to make Bush toss and turn at night, maybe it’s the international community’s growing consensus that Bush should be tried for, among other things (prisons, torture, rendition), launching a war of aggression in invading Iraq, that keeps Dubya up nights.

Is the Cowboy a War Criminal?

Maybe one day soon George W. Bush, overcome with the weight of such guilt and unable to scrub clean the stains of so much Iraqi blood on his hands, can walk from the relative safety of his new green zone – his freshly-minted library – and walk down to the nearest precinct, and turn himself in.


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