5 Ways Superman/Wonder Woman #5 Makes The Case They Should Be Together

Having just closed Superman/Wonder Woman #5, and as the series goes on, it is becoming more obvious to me that DC made the right call by pairing up Earth’s most powerful beings, Superman and Wonder Woman. First of all, if power attracts power then it makes perfect sense these two would be interested in the other. Second, they are portrayed as two of the most beautiful people on the planet, which doesn’t hurt either – even without X-ray vision. And third, of course the drama and scale of the story and plot transcends a generations-old superhero/human love affair when two Gods are either loving or spatting. Mountains crumble, skies thunder and seas roar when Superman and Wonder Woman embrace, a far greater spectacle than foiling a purse thug or rescuing a cat from a tree. No offense Lois or cat-ladies.

Here’s 5 reasons the Superman and Wonder Woman relationship, as depicted in issue 5, is already telling a greater and more intriguing love story than the stale Lois love triangle had grown over its constant retellings. Now that the novelty has begun to fade, let’s see why this relationship has serious potential to redefine not only both characters, but also what it means for each to love.

5. Twisted Love
A great way the Superman/Wonder Woman series has made such a strong case for being reason to applaud the decision to couple them has been how it flips the classic Lois-Superman/Clark love triangle in that Diana questions whether she could deal being with the human disguise of Clark Kent. This skews the typical story-telling from much of Superman’s 75 year-plus history with Lois being hot and heavy over the Kryptonian, cape-bearing, son of El, but colder and flippant to his bespectacled, mild-mannered alter-ego. Having the lasso-wielding demigod in love with Superman, but questioning dividing his time cavorting as a human makes for a fun twist on this new relationship with these familiar characters.

4. Power Levels
For when “this is a job for Superman” just doesn’t deliver the intended results – maybe when you’re pitted against two opposing Kryptonians (in Superman/Wonder Woman #5 by Charles Soule) – it comes in really handy to have a mate with the skills that not only match those of a Kryptonian, but may exceed them if Diana’s battlefield prowess versus Faora and Zod was any indication.

3. Dilemma Diana
The fact Wonder Woman is a near Goddess elevates all of her emotional dramas to epic proportions. For all her majesty and grace however, pretending to be something she isn’t just ain’t Wonder Woman’s style, and this inner turmoil of course has global ramifications as Diana’s pondering distracts her from a cataclysmic battle between her lover Superman and freshly escaped from the Phantom Zone, Zod and Faora. When you possess such great power as Diana, the greater need of the world often comes at odds with your own wants. Throw in this new feeling of “doubt”, never before experienced by Wonder Woman, over her relationship with Clark, and suddenly the world could go to Hell while Diana’s inner-monologue distracts her from the greater good. With such strong lovers committed to a tenuous bond, their make-ups and break-ups could be a literal roller coaster…for the Earth!

2. Tactics versus Strategy
Having waged war before on her native Paradise Island Themyscira, Diana knows the importance of long-term strategy and deciding when to quit and fight another day, as opposed to utilizing short-term tactics. Something Superman, being so untested in this new 52, does not yet possess. This factor becomes evident at the conclusion of Superman/Wonder Woman #5, as a walloped and weary Kal-El is about to have his neck crushed by Zod (a reverse-Man of Steel?), Wonder Woman surrenders, collecting her boyfriend and “strategically retreating” to regroup and fight another day.

1. Warrior Woman
One of the big reasons Superman/Wonder Woman #5 was such a great read was the scintillating rescue of Superman during his battle with his fellow Kryptonians. Being outnumbered and bested by Zod and Faora, all looks lost for Kal until he is saved in epic fashion by Wonder Woman. Heeding her fellow Justice Leaguers calls to aid Superman, Diana races to the fight already in-progress. She introduces herself by deflecting an intended heat blast from Zod’s retinas with her sword back at the twisted General, then using the scorched blade to greet Faora by burning her face with her steel ablaze. After talking themselves up as warriors all issue, Zod and Faora got a serious crash course of the battle-readiness and a heaping dose of wounds and scars at the hand of perhaps Earth’s greatest warrior – and fiercest lover – Wonder Woman.